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The discursive construction of contexts and mathematical thinking Untitled ()
R Barwell
Economic Crisis and Education: A Critical Analysis of the Impact of World Economic Change on the Canadian Education system, 1970-1978 Untitled ()
John Daniel Allison
Peer Assisted Learning Strategies: The Potential and Promise of Peer-Mediated Learning for Struggling Readers in Elementary School Classrooms PDF ()
Chris Mattatall
Administrators and Charter Rights (15.1): At a Crossroads? PDF ()
David Young, Matthew Meyer
Teaching Critically Thoughtful Science Untitled ()
Philip L. Balcaen
The importance of “place” in teacher education: Exploring a rural internship experience Untitled ()
Karen Goodnough
Voices of Understanding - An Examination of Student Engagement in Elementary Mathematics Untitled ()
Pamela Anne Hagen
Assessing change in the academic self-concept of students with learning disabilities. Untitled ()
Gabrielle Dawn Young, Jacqueline Specht
Critically Queer as Praxis: An Emancipatory Paradigm for Redressing Heterosexism in School Settings Untitled ()
Tonya D Callaghan
Holy Homophobia: Doctrinal Disciplining of Non-Heterosexuals in Canadian Catholic Schools Untitled ()
Tonya D Callaghan
Capital Damages: Institutionalized Heterosexism in Public Schooling
Tonya D Callaghan
A Politics of the Possible: The Emancipatory Paradigm that Connects Critical Theory, Critical Pedagogy and Queer Theories
Tonya D Callaghan
Nature of School-University Collaborative Research
Anna Yashkina
Nourishing the Learning Spirit: Emerging Promising Practices for Teaching and Lifelong Learning
Marie Battiste, Jonathan David Anuik, Carmen Gillies
First and Second Order Change in Education and Its Implications for Future Directions
Peter Zsebik
The Use of Hierarchical Linear Models in School Boards
Greg Rousell
The General Self-Concept of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students: What we know and what we are learning
Jessica Whitley
The Role Of Educational Leaders In Supporting The Mental Health Of All Students
Jessica Whitley
Predictors of Early Writing in ESL and Non-ESL Kindergartners
Gina L. Harrison, Keira Ogle, Megan Keilty
Policy from Below: A Case for an Inclusive Policy Framework for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers for Remote Rural Schools in Kenya Untitled ()
Joseph Musembi Nungu
Education for All: The Illusion of Educational Achievement in Kenya Untitled ()
Joseph Musembi Nungu
Professional learning communities at the school district level: Modelling and supporting Untitled ()
Ken Brien, Ray Williams, Doug Briggs
Understanding Associate/Mentor Teacher Perspectives on the Development of Teacher Candidates' Professional Learning during the Practicum PDF ()
Andrea K. Martin, Tom Russell
Common Curriculum, Uncommon Ground Part One: assessing interventions in elementary schools in Nigeria Untitled ()
Denis Mildon, Gilles Fournier
Common Curriculum Uncommon Ground Part 2:in the absence of a culture of assessment and most other things we take for granted Untitled ()
Gilles Fournier, Denis Mildon
Preservice mathematics teacher efficacy trajectories Untitled ()
Jamie S Pyper
Jie Chen
A Study of the Design and Evaluation of a Learning Tool The Charter in the Classroom: Students, Teacher and Rights (CC: STAR) Untitled ()
Shirley Van Nuland
Science Proficiency and Environmental Awareness: A Study of Canadian and Brazilian Adolescents PDF ()
Cecilia Alves, Oksana Babenko, Tatiana Moreira
The Use of AHM and SEM to Investigate the Validity of a Reading Assessment PDF ()
Cecilia B Alves, Mary Roberts, Andrea Gotzmann, Mark Gierl
When was Feminism: Using The Mary Tyler Moore Show as a Feminist Teaching Tool Untitled ()
Allyson Jule
ique contemporaine Michael Lockett (Queen’s), Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen’s), Loretta Walz The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) approach to Keeping Students in School: A Comprehensive Review of 18 Provincially Funded Projects Directed t Untitled ()
Thelma M Gunn, David Chorney, John Poulsen
Transforming secondary school teacher candidates: The power of literacy tutoring Untitled ()
Deborah Berrill
Chinese international students' understanding of career and attitudes toward career counseling Untitled ()
Yina Wang, Anne Patricia MacCleave
The Contribution of Parent Practices and Family Demographics to Early Years Achievement PDF ()
Lynn Kostuch
A Longitudinal Analysis of Task Specific Goals, Goal Efficacy, and Goal Attainment as Indicators of Self-Regulated Learning Untitled ()
Amy Gendron
Behind Closed Doors: Emotional Abuse in the Music Studio Untitled ()
Linda J. MacArthur
Kamran Shaikh, Vivek Venkatesh
Trevor Lee
Professional Learning Communities at the School District Level: Modeling and Supporting Untitled ()
Ray Williams
Trevor Lee
Comparative Study on the Perceptions of Head Teachers & Principals: Their Views of Teacher Leaders Qualifications Untitled ()
Anne Halsall, Susan Boes
Sustainable Improvement: Building Learning Communities that Endure Untitled ()
Coral Mitchell
Discursive and Intuitive “Reason” in “Real World” Ethics Untitled ()
Daniel Vokey
Introducing Appreciative Resistance: Balancing Activism and Respect Untitled ()
Blair Niblett
Bridging gaps between cultures and territories through the lens of a grade 11 class Untitled ()
Mary Mallik, Mary Mallik
Carolyn M Shields
The Procrustean Bed of Educational Research or What Constitutes Evidence in Educational Administration and Why Should We Care? XML ()
Carolyn M Shields
Scholarship on Leadership for Social Justice: Examining Multiple Perspectives XML ()
Carolyn M Shields
From General Dogsbody to Whole Class Delivery - the role of Teaching Assistants in the education of pupils in England XML ()
Michelle Lowe, Linda Hammersley-Fletcher
Women's educational discourses in politics in India and Canada: Gendered differences or indifference to gender? Untitled ()
Catherine McGregor, Darlene Clover, Martha Farrell, Saswati Bhattacharya
"Getting through the year": Mapping the anxious and unequal work of Kindergarten transition Untitled ()
Suzanne Smythe
The Educational Programs of the Safe Drinking Water Foundation (SDWF): Resource and Opportunity for Teachers and Learners PDF ()
Tim Molnar, Nicole Beiderbeck, Tracy Webb
Welcoming as a Language for Understanding Pedagogical Responsibility PDF ()
Tim Molnar
Meta-analysis, Systematic Review, or Scoping Review? Comparing Methodologies in Educational Research Untitled ()
Cheryl Poth
Cultural Sensitivity and Early Intervention: Professionals' Perspectives PDF ()
Emily Claire White, Carmel French
The observed impact of teachers’ capacities on learning community implementation: A participant-observer case study Untitled ()
Sonya Pancucci
Planification et mise en œuvre de 9 cours de sciences novateurs : un exemple de collaboration entre une enseignante de sciences du secondaire et divers membres de sa communauté éducative PDF ()
Sylvie Barma
The impact of resources on the performance of faculty at public universities in Zimbabwe Untitled ()
Michael Tonderai Kariwo
Secondary English Teachers' Self-Identity and Knowledge: Narrating Teacher Devleopment in a Multiliteracies Classroom Untitled ()
Laura Hegge
Action Research for ICT integration: How to involve classroom teachers in meaningful professional development Untitled ()
Nathalie Juliette Lemelin, Rachel Gendron
An Investigation of Developmental Spelling in ESL and non-ESL Kindergarten Children PDF ()
Megan Keilty
A Multiperspectival Exploration of the Work of The Associate Teacher Untitled ()
Kate Crowe
Articulating the Tacit: Examining Responses to Non-Academic Submissions by ITE Applicants XML ()
Dianne Thomson
Women in Trades and Technology & the Skills Shortage Conundrum An Historical Analysis of Institutional and Governmental Resistance PDF
Marcia Braundy
Four Radical Routes to Excellence in the Curriculum Untitled ()
Colin Wilson Russell
Gifted adults’ perceptions of the interaction between giftedness and academic success/failure Untitled ()
Adrienne E Sauder
The roots of collective practice-based analysis: interrogating pedagogical diversity in teacher professional development PDF ()
Sophie Grossmann
The Quality and Frequency of Play Interactions Between Children With and Without Specail Needs Untitled ()
Hila Balilty, Elizabeth A Nowicki
Ecojustice Through Responsibilist Science Education PDF ()
John Lawrence Bencze
What can happen when teacher educators form a community of inquiry? PDF
Susan Elizabeth Elliott-Johns
Examining the Effectiveness of Different Social Skill Interventions in Single-Case Research PDF ()
Shin-yi Wang, Ying Cui
Teachers’ Work in Times of Uncertainty: Post-Soviet Change and Teacher Collaboration PDF ()
Benjamin Kutsyuruba
Observing School Principals in Action: Comparison of Two Cases in Greater Montréal PDF ()
Roseline Garon, Frédéric Yvon, Pierre Lapointe, Jean Archambault
What Constitutes Research and Evidence in the Field of Educational Administration? PDF ()
Roseline Garon
The gatekeepers: Screening and selecting new teachers for Manitoba's public school divisions Untitled ()
Jerome Cranston
Contemporary Validity Theory in Educational Assessment: Integrating an Interpretivistic Approach through Case Study Methodology Untitled ()
Christopher DeLuca
The Discourse of Participation in educational reform in Botswana: The case of Science Education Program. A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis. Untitled ()
Botsalano Tsala Mosimakoko
Distributing Leadership in Schools Untitled ()
Anna Yashkina
Classroom Working Alliance and Factors Related to Students’ School Success PDF ()
Jessica Toste, Nancy Heath
Student Cohorts in Teacher Education: Creating Pedagogical Community Untitled ()
David Dillon, Kevin O'Connor
Adolescents' willingness to seek help for three types of bullying Untitled ()
Ainsley Boudreau, Anne Patricia MacCleave
Sharing our Successes and Difficulties in Decolonizing Research Untitled ()
M. Carmen Carrero de Salazar
Environmental Education as/for Social Justice: A Case Study in a Brazilian Public School PDF ()
Giuliano Reis
Authentic Practice? The Impact of Beliefs, Socialization, and Leadership on the Pupil Control Ideologies (PCI) of Beginning Teachers Untitled ()
Glenn Rideout
Nourishing the Learning Spirit: A Review of Literature and Promising Practices PDF ()
Jonathan David Anuik, Marie Battiste, Carmen Gillies
Inclusion and community: A visual essay Untitled ()
Tim Loreman, Judy Lupart, Donna McGhie-Richmond, Barber Jennifer, Rob McGarva
Pei-Ling Hsu, Wolff-Michael Roth
Pei-Ling Hsu, Wolff-Michael Roth
La redéfinition d’une communauté urbaine francophone en conséquence d’une migration transnationale de langue française Untitled ()
Yvonne M. Hébert, Christiane Nkolo,
Raising the Bar: Online Course Research in Action Untitled ()
John Barnett, Heather Duncan
Nutritional Knowledge, Eating Habits and Body Image of Adolescent Females Untitled ()
Sarah Gray
Directions d'écoles primaires et mise en œuvre des cycles d'apprentissage: état de la question sur l'île de Montréal PDF ()
Jean Archambault, France Dumais, Paul St-Onge
Facebook as a Form of Informal Teacher Professional Development PDF ()
Camille Rutherford
Teacher Online Social Networks PDF ()
Camille Rutherford
Teachers’ Preconceptions of Virtual Schooling: Challenging Myths & Misconceptions PDF ()
Michael K Barbour, Kelly Unger
Teacher volunteerism & good will: Local teachers to distance education responsibilities PDF ()
Michael K Barbour, Dennis Mulcahy
Shifting Roles in the Modern Language Classroom: Responding to Modern Language Literature Untitled ()
Ismel González, Mary Clare Courtland
Getting unstuck: Histories of engagement and mathematics learning Untitled ()
Indigo Esmonde, Miwa Takeuchi, Nenad Radakovic
The Experience of Special Education in a Small Town in the American Midwest: A Moral and Legal Analysis Untitled ()
Sheryle Denise Dixon
New Teacher Workload and Attrition PDF ()
Jaime L Beck, Nan A Nassef
Interventions in School May Reduce Health Illiteracy Which Is Contributing to an Epidemic of Lifestyle Diseases XML ()
Linda Thomas
Researching Teacher Attrition: Exploring the Absence of New Teacher Voice PDF ()
Nan A Nassef, Jaime L Beck,
Second Language Education Policy in Quebec: ESL Educators’ Perceptions of the Policy of English as a Compulsory Subject at the Early Primary Level in Quebec PDF ()
Gerald Fallon
La gestion du changement fait-elle une différence? / Does Change Management Make a Difference? Untitled ()
Maude Belleville, Marc-André Deniger
The foundation of Professionnal Knoledge as Organizing Principles of Teaching Practice PDF ()
Lucie Roger, Philippe Maubant
Celebrating the Scholarship of Harold Entwistle Untitled ()
Sandra R. Bruneau
Literature review: Computer-based testing of reading (Poster Session) Untitled ()
Tania Sterling
TEM 4 Test and English Ability - Analysis of the Chinese Students' English Proficiency Untitled ()
Yubing Ruan
SENESCENCE TO TODDLER: UNB Teacher Education Reform Untitled ()
Mark Hirschkorn, Paula Kristmanson, Kathy Winslow, Ruth Forsythe
In the beginning: Two teacher educators reflect on their first year in a new role Untitled ()
Tim Fletcher, Yiola Cleovoulou
The ripple effect of mathematics lesson study: One school story PDF ()
Tara Flynn, Heather Hedges, Catherine D. Bruce
Daily Physical Activity (DPA) Program Delivers Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) - Teacher-Directed versus Teacher-Led, Participative Model Untitled ()
David Charles Tomas
Emotional, Intelligence and Virtue Ethics; Are they Related? Untitled ()
Tom Elwood Culham
Savoir tacite, pensée réflexive et apprentissage informel, dans la pratique quotidienne chez l'adulte-apprenant Untitled ()
Johanne Barrette
Developing our Pedagogy of Teacher Education Through Collaborative Self-Study PDF ()
Arlene L Grierson
Scaffolding BEd Candidates’ Growth: The Nipissing-Brantford Concurrent Education Pilot Mentorship Program PDF ()
Arlene L Grierson
Student Engagement and Interactive Learning Technologies: What's the Connection? Untitled ()
Norman D Vaughan
Mapping item writing tasks on the item writing ability scale PDF ()
Charles M Mayenga
Local Impact of Globalization on Higher Education: An Analysis of MBA Programs in South Korea Untitled ()
Kyung-hwa Yang
A pragmatic approach to curriculum PDF ()
Lydia Pungur, George H Buck
Dragana Martinovic, Jelena Magliaro, Timothy Pugh
Enhancing Participation of High School Aboriginal Students in Post Secondary Science Untitled ()
Kamini Jaipal, Joe Engemann, Deneen Montour
The Effectiveness of an Extended-Day Kindergarten Program for At-Risk Children Provided in an Inner-City Daycare Setting Untitled ()
Donna Copsey Haydey
Hierarchical Linear Modeling of Student and School Effects on Science Achievement of Immigrant Adolescents in Canada
Shaljan Areepattamannil