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Deepening Levels of Reflection in Student Teacher Reflective Journals PPT
Jodi Nickel
Nourishing the Learning Spirit in Post-secondary Educators’ Practices: A Heart-Brain Endeavour PDF ()
Jonathan David Anuik, Carmen Gillies
Adult-Child Interactions and the Genesis of Reading PDF ()
Juanita Ross Epp
Disconnection in Nigeria: Testing Primary Students in English and Mathematics DOCX
Denis Mildon, Gilles Fournier
The PCAP-13 Test: innovative, contemporary and traditional DOCX
Denis Mildon, Gilles Fournier
Integrating technology in pre-service education: From stand-alone to immersion. A Tale of Woe and Promise PPT
Julie Mueller, Dawn Buzza, Donna Kotsopolous
Investigating the Relationships of School Readiness Indicators and Student Achievement Outcomes PDF ()
Erin McKenney, Lynn Kostuch, Chris Conley, Joel Nanni
Shifting from Focusing on Teaching to Focusing on Students’ Learning DOC
Nancy Maynes
Parental involvement, cultural capital, and school success PPT
Laura Fontil, Hariclia Harriet Petrakos
The Value of Values: The Influence of a Social Skills Program on Children’s Social Behaviour, Affective Perspective-taking and Empathy Skills PPT
Mariam Khatchadourian, Harriet Hariclia Petrakos
Influencing community involvement in school: A Saskatchewan School Community Council DOC
Jane Pauline Preston
In Search of a Living Literacy: Language, Literature and Ecological Sensibility PPTX
Patrick Howard
Conflict Management and Dialogue with Diverse Migrant Students: Novice Teachers’ Approaches and Concerns DOC
Kathy Bickmore, Christina Parker
Cultivating Teachers' Wise Professional Judgment: On Phronesis and Refined Perception DOC
Jeannie Kerr
Strategic Planning in Education in Manitoba PDF ()
Dorothy Young
Assessing the acquisition of American Sign Language PDF ()
Charlotte Johanna Enns
Investigating Pre-Service Teachers’ Development of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in an Introductory Educational Technology Course PDF ()
Norman D Vaughan
Rural Studies in an Urban World, Food Connections DOC
Carol Elizabeth Harrisce
A Critical Literacy Approach to Autobiographical Narrative Inquiry Using the Structure of Story: What we do, how we do it, what we learn XML ()
Anne Laura Forsythe Moore
Engaging Canadian Students with the Lives of AIDS Orphans in Deborah Ellis's texts: Teaching for Social Justice with Canadian Literature PPT
Lynne Wiltse
Exploring the Dialogic Potential of Third Space Theory in a Teacher Researcher Study Group PPT
Lynne Wiltse
A Canadian Teacher Union and its approach to teacher inquiry: a west coast perspective DOCX
Charlie Naylor, Charlie Naylor
Immigrant and Canadian Children’s Perceptions of Their Transition to School / L’entrée à l’école : les PDF ()
Harriet Hariclia Petrakos, Laura Fontil, Lana Bergmame, Mariam Khatchadourian
Physical Activity in Elementary School Children: Implications for Structured and Unstructured Physical Activity Settings PPT
Lana Bergmame, Harriet Petrakos
The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI): A Critical First Step to Improving First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education DOC
Thelma Gunn, Guy Pomahac, Evelyn Good Striker, Johnel Tailfeathers
Insights from Former Youth Leaders in Social Justice Activism DOC
Darren E. Lund, Kari Grain
Connecting Home and School: The Impact of a Summer Literacy Program on the Home Literacy Activities of At-risk Grade 1 Students XML ()
Katherine Davidson
The Possibilities and Limits of Democracy upon the Brazilian Educational System RTF
Alice Miriam Happ Botler
Examining Qualitative Results from a Participant-Observer Case Study within a Learning Community Context PPT
Sonya Pancucci
Teachers' epistemological beliefs and relationship to knowledge during their initial training: Implications for educational supervision PPTX (Français (Canada))
Geneviève Therriault
Transformative Learning in Adult ESL Education: An Approach to Enhance Language Skills and Foster Perspective Transformation PDF ()
Eric Poitras, Bruce Manson, Yuan-Jin Hong
Le succès de la réforme en éducation au Québec est-il lié à l'engagement des directeurs? PPT (Français (Canada))
Roseline Garon, Pierre Lapointe
Learning Challenges for Students Enrolled in a Human Service Diploma Program XML ()
Anne Patricia MacCleave, Daniel J. Criss
Vers un enseignement des sciences branché dans la réalité locale de la région de Vallée Est PDF ()
Jean-Paul Lucien Prévost, Donatille Mujawamariya
Snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails: Equity and boy-centered mathematics education DOC
Indigo Esmonde
Teachers' perspectives on the integration process of newcomer students to Quebec PPT
Marilyn Steinbach
Learning Leadership - A Cross Cultural Review of Student Leadership PPT
Jodean Sargeant, Lisa Endersby