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1 Canadian Association for Teacher Education

To teach future teachers in the context of university courses: describing the knowledge base, the learning processes and the role of teacher educators. XML
Julie Desjardins
Pre-service Teachers' Experiences Co-teaching with Scientists in Discovering Science DOCX
Krista Rae Francis-Poscente, Mary Ann McLean, Matthew Clay, Gary Grothman, Leonid Braverman
The Influence of Social Relationships on Community Involvement in a Bedroom Community DOC
Jane Pauline Preston

1.1 Canadian Association for Research in Early Childhood

“Holding the talking piece gives me a chance to make a sentence out of what I am thinking”: Children’s responses to the use of Peace Circles at one primary school in the U.S. PPTX
Leigh O'Brien

3 The Canadian Association of Foundations of Education

Sharing stories of our service, our struggle, our soil: Three portraits of exemplary ecological educators PDF
Nora Timmerman

5.1 Citizenship and Education Research Network

Conflictual Dialogue Pedagogies as Learning Opportunities for Ethno-Cultural Minority Immigrant Students PDF
Christina A. Parker
Peacebuilding Dialogue in Schools: Circle Processes for Restorative Problem-Solving and Democratic Education about Social Conflict DOC
Kathy Bickmore, Traci Scheepstra
Preparation for Conflict Talk in Intercultural Contexts: Teacher Development and Curriculum Infusion DOC
Kathy Bickmore, Christina Parker, Shannon Larsen

6 The Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies

Toward a phenomenology of trust for teaching and learning PPT
Lissa D'Amour
Analyse des manuels d’histoire utilisés au Québec. Étude de cas : le chapitre sur Athènes au 5e s. avant J.-C. PPT
Marc-Andre Ethier

6.5 Arts Researchers and Teachers Society

"Signs are Everywhere!" Traditional Wisdom Offered to the Children of 'Chinatown' PPT
Heather Skye McLeod

7 The Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration

Added Value: Quality Participants in Qualitative Research PPT
Vicki Squires
Who Wants To Be The Principal? Factors Influencing Aspirants To The Principalship In Prince Edward Island Schools PPT
Dale McIsaac
Tri-Level Organizational Change in New Brunswick: Redefining Educational Leadership through Action Research DOC
Ken Brien, Ray Williams
Changing patterns of educational governance in Canada: An examination of the decision-making authority of school boards in Manitoba and Ontario between 1991 and 2011. DOC
Jonathan Young, AbdelHady El Nagar

15 Canadian Committee of Graduate Students in Education

Geographic Information System (GIS): An Amalgamation Tool in Environmental Education DOC
Blessing Adaku Igbokwe