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1 Canadian Association for Teacher Education

“Nobody’s Moving Until Nadia Gets a Hug”: Lessons Learned from Implementing Anti-Oppression Lessons in a K-8 School XML
Christine Louise Cho, John Cho
The Emergence of Professional Identity in Teacher Education Untitled
Jodi Nickel, Jim Zimmer, Kevin O'Connor, Gladys Sterenberg, Norman Vaughan

1.3 Technology and Teacher Education

Learning About Reading Instruction on YouTube PDF
Katelyn J. Bryant

2.1 Education and Museums

Integration of history and drama to promote an affective response in secondary students XML
Jennifer Cogswell

5.1 Citizenship and Education Research Network

“How do I Get In?” Challenges with Teacher Accreditation for Immigrants in Ontario XML
Christine Louise Cho
Dialogue, Difference, and Conflict in Education for Democracy PDF
Christina Parker

6 Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies

The Curriculum Design Philosophy and Structure of Thinkable: A Free Web-Based Educational Resource for PreCalculus PDF
Lorraine M Baron
A perilous and necessary curriculum: The fraught pedagogic challenge of mediating multiple perspective messages in social studies PDF
Laurence Abbott, Jorden Smith
Proposition de lignes directrices pour la formation des futurs professionnels en santé et service social œuvrant en situation francophone minoritaire PDF
Josée Benoît, Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz

6.1 Science Education Research Group

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Research-based Resources in Secondary Science Teacher Education XML
Marina Milner-Bolotin, Heather Fisher, Alexandra Macdonald
Teaching environmental action competence in the context of family Untitled
Michel T Leger
Interpreting Scientific and Mathematical Phenomena Embedded in Kosraean Weaving: Culturally Responsive Elementary Instruction PDF
Latika Raisinghani, Samson Madera Nashon, Cynthia Nicol

6.2 Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada

Exploring Transcultural and Transnational Literacies and Identities of Children in a Mandarin-English Bilingual Program PDF
Yan Zhang, Yan Guo

7 Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration

Canada's Outstanding Principals: A Mixed-Methods Study of Principal Efficacy and Transformational Leadership PDF
John Scott Lowrey
Benefits and Barriers Associated with the Rural Principalship: A Literature Review PDF
Jane P. Preston, Brittany A. E. Jakubiec
Living Systems and Emergent Leadership for 21st Century Schools PDF
Coral Mitchell, Larry Sackney

8 Canadian Association for Educational Psychology

Constructing a Comprehensive Model to Predict University Student Success PDF
Andrea M Stelnicki, David W Nordstokke, Donald H Saklofske
Predictors of Writing Ability in 4th Grade First- and Second-Language Learners Untitled
Gina L. Harrison, Lauren Goegan, Rachel Jalbert, Kelly McManus, Jessica Spurling
The Effect of Playing Video Games on Academic Performance and Peer Relations in Grade 9 PDF
Marion Terry, Amjad Malik
Qualitative Learner Profiling: Basic Concepts of Elementary Number Theory PDF
Arda O. Cimen, Stephen R. Campbell

11 Canadian Association for the Study of Indigenous Education

Aboriginal/Indigenous Foundational Frameworks for Teacher Development - The Manitoba Perspective PDF
Sherry Peden, Laara Fitznor, Marlene Atleo, Frank Deer, Kevin Lamoureux, David Anderson, Laura Simms, Brian Rice

15 Canadian Committee of Graduate Students in Education

Preparing students for a high stakes examination PDF
Richelle Marie Marynowski

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41st CSSE Annual Conference 2013